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  • Death Note Sunday! (will continue from this point).

    From when I did this on quickjam:

     Ryuuk: Hey, Light. The cameras are gone.
    Completely gone, I'm sure of it.

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    [This is a continuation from here | Click here to view all my Death Note entries].

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  • Spider-man Tuesday has arrived.

    From Ultimate Comics: Spider-man #2 (2011).

    I’m going to focus on Miles Morales’ new powers and transformation as Spider-man.

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  • And so it begins… Liar Game Thursdays!


    We’re going to… 
    play a game… in here…?!

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  • Silver Surfer for the first Marvel-ous Friday.

    From Silver Surfer Vol 3 #1 (1987).

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  • The day has come once again… It’s Death Note Sunday!


    それとも話し合いの末 父の許可を得て付けたのか?
    Light: Did L have these hidden cameras installed himself?
    Or did he install them after discussing it with my father and getting his permission? 

    父の許可なんて 以前のギスギスした 捜査本部とLの関係ではありえない
    今 父のLは より深い信頼関係に あるのかもしれない
    If he did have permission, then the previous tension between L and the Headquarters is gone.
    And now my father and L may have developed a deeper trust in each other.

    だとすれば 父を利用すれば Lを消すことも・・・
    If that's true, I could use my father to get rid of L and...

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  • Miles is discovering his new powers in this Spider-man Tuesday.

    From Ultimate Comics: Spider-man #2 (2011).

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  • So what does this game involve? / Liar Game Thursday.

    ディーラー:では もう一度ゲームのルールを説明しましょう。
    The Dealer: So. I will explain the rules of this game once more.

    まず 抽選で出題者を決めます。 Firstly, a lottery will decide the Question Master.

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  • Any plans after your exams? / It’s Death Note Sunday!


    Ryuk: However, it's good to know that we're not under any surveillance.

    ライト:まあ。試験前に ひとつのストレス要因がなくなってよかった・・・
    Light: Well, I'm glad that the one cause of stress I had before the exam has gone...

    Lを探る時間も 取りやすくなる
    And once I enter University,
    it'll be easier to make the time to work as Kira and find out who L is.

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  • His new powers may prove useful… / Spider-man Tuesdays

    From the comic, Ultimate Comics: Spider-man (2011) #2.

  • The conditions are now known / Liar Game Thursdays.

    ディーラー:出題の内容は必ず 答えがYes or Noの二者択一となる ものでなくてはなりません 
    The question must be one in which it can be answered with a Yes or a No.

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  • Silver Surfer agrees to save Nova / Marvel-ous Friday.

    From Silver Surfer Vol 3 #1 (1987).

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